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Education is the most valuable key to success. The power of education is not only in the academic knowledge but also finding your place in the world and acquiring life experience. It takes all the necessary steps to facilitate our life and give us skills which will be appreciated by our families and employers. Valuable education prepares people for life and work and creates a bridge to the secured future. The real education gives decision-making and problem-solving skills and a clear career path. Educational psychology involves the study of how people learn, including topics such as student outcomes, the instructional process, individual differences in learning, gifted learners, and learning disabilities. Psychologists who work in this field are interested in how people learn and retain new information. Educational in  Counselling is the skilled and principled use of relationship to facilitate self- knowledge, emotional acceptance & growth. It also ensures the development of the ability to optimal utilizes the resources. Education for both traditional skills and for happiness can be describe as a positive education. The high prevalence worldwide of depression among young people, the small rise in life satisfaction, and the synergy between learning and positive emotion all argue that the skills for happiness should be taught in school or university.

The International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counselling (IJEPC) is published by Global Academic Excellence (M) Sdn Bhd (GAE) to serve academicians a platform of sharing and updating their knowledge and research outputs as well as information within the sphere of education, psychology and counselling. The scope of this journal covers a multi-disciplinary and a cross disciplinary fields that include Human Resource Development in Education, Leadership in Education, Legal Aspect in Educational Management, Ethics and Acts of Counsellor, Health Psychology, Human Learning, Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the relevant topics. The publication of the journal, covering such multi-disciplinary fields, provides up-to-date and ongoing overview of education globally. Additionally, the readers of the journal have the insight of education, psychology and counselling within a range of another dimension and need including market size, its driving factors, standards, policies and regulatory framework, ongoing issues and challenges, and prospects of education, psychology and counselling.

IJEPC journal invites researchers, academicians and practitioners for the submission of research articles, and book reviews, relevant fields developing and developed countries globally. All the submissions are in English and refereed journal published quarterly (March, June, September and December). The journal aims to publish all quality submission in time to ensure the impact of education research quickly conveyed, examined, and disseminated worldwide. Simultaneously, it visions to become the benchmark for the research and publications in all the fields of education, psychology and counselling and promote the superior standards globally.



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